Ever wonder where to start when designing or re-designing your space?  The biggest challenge that most of us face is we want big impact with a small budget.  So where does this leave you when making those critical choices and design decisions? Well I believe the answer lies in a not so obvious place....one of my favorite movies,  The Big Lebowski.  

    Do you remember the scene where he states that the Dude wants his rug back because it "really tied the room together"? If Jeff Bridges character the Dude realizes what an impact a rug can have in his space (and spends the next week of his life chasing down kidnappers all in the name of his rug) maybe we can learn a thing or two from his passion.  All crazy antics aside, and in all seriousness a rug does make a huge impact on a space. It can pull colors, shapes and themes into a room like no other design element. It can take an out of place color and give it a perfect home. One of my favorite reasons to invest in a great rug is it can also give your home warmth and a unique curated artsy vibe when done properly. 

    So where to start? There are millions of rugs that can do the job. Your first mission is to decide on which one is right for you for the biggest impact.  Below I have laid out a few tips to keep you headed in the right direction and focused. 

    1. Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want to add color to your space, tie room elements together or just go for a wow factor? This is your first step. Decide what you want from your rug and that will give you your direction. 

    2. Your rooms personailty. One of the worst things you can do for your space is give it an identity crisis. If you are not a design expert and you try to mix too many styles together you will just get a mashed-up mess. So stick to a theme for your room. If you like bohemian decor stick with that, if you are more modern go for a modern geometric design. You get it. 

    3. Keep YOUR lifestyle in mind. Do you have kids, pets, high traffic in your space? If your answer was yes then you must go for patterns and colors that will hide any stains, dirt and wear that will most likely happen to your rug over time. Best way to do this is to pick a design with at least some darker elements and mix of colors or tones of color. Trust me that this is uber important! If you don't you may end up with a stained mess and what message does that send...not a good one! 

    ​4. Be a curator of design. Don't just go to your local home store that mass produces rugs and pick out your favorite. I mean you can do this, but your space will reflect your actions.  It will look generic and mass produced. You can get lucky but this a general guideline to keeping your space unique. Do research. Follow designers, artist and stores online. (start with Pinterest or Instagram...you will find some amazing inspirations at the very least) Really hunt for that perfect piece as you would when picking out a unique piece of art, because that is what your rug should be.  A large gorgeous piece of art.  

    5. Think past current trends.  One easy mistake that will make your home look generic (and soon dated) is to take the biggest trend of the moment and jump on the band wagon. Trends tend to mean that everyone is doing it and it will soon be over.  I mean, think orange shag carpets....yuk! Think about it this way, have you ever heard that fashion comes and goes but style is forever? Keep this mind as you design your room. So in short, skip the trend but analyze what you identify with about a trend and use that idea to pick out a piece that you will love for years to come despite what the trend setters of the moment are labeling as "in or out". 

    Now that you are armed with some guidelines, below are some of my favorite rugs I have scouted recently. I hope they will inspire your design and get your designing juices flowing. Stick to your 5 designing rules and you will have a Big Lebowski moment in your space in no time.