African Mudcloth Pillow Cover - WHITE


  • Cover material: Cotton
  • Dimensions: 18" X 18"
  • Contents 100% Cotton
  • Fabric weight: Medium weight
  • Back fabric: Natural Cream Color Denim
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Invisible zipper closure
  • African Mud Cloth, Covers made in the USA

***COVER ONLY. Fits a 20 x 20 Insert 

Care: Spot clean or gently wash by hand / air dry

Bogolanfini (Mudcloth) made in the tribal traditions by the Bamana (Bambara) people of Mali, West Africa. Hand-spun cotton threads are hand-woven using narrow wooden looms into strips of cloth. The cloths are hand-dyed in small vats using local flora and fermented earth from the Niger riverbed. The strips are then stitched together to create the mudcloth. Symbolic designs are often hand-painted using stencils or drawn freehand using sticks, dyes and bleach.

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