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Alpaca Wool Pullover | Otter Gray

$241.50 $345.00
This extra soft pullover is meant for cozy nights and fall days. The otter color pairs well with many other garments.
These extra soft pullovers use raw wool from the Thule variety, which is considered to be particularly rare among alpaca. It has a natural luster like silk, and is dyed in a gentle color that retains its luster.                                                                                                        
After loosely twisting it with raw wool, the fibers are slightly scratched out to create a fluffy texture. A simple finish that makes use of the knitted fabric with a texture.
  • Suri alpaca 68%, Wool 29%,Nylon 3%
  • Model: 5'7"
  • Made in Japan
  • Dry Clean, petroleum solvent only, Avoid tumble drying

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