Project Or Pendelton Canteen


Canteen - 24 oz

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Small Canteen 24 oz.- Proudly created in Oregon this vintage style canteen is customized by hand. Select materials such as real leather and capped rivets combine with genuine Pendleton Woolen Mill motifs to create a distinctly modern twist on the classic canteen silhouette.

  • BPA Free Polyethylene Liner
  • 24 oz capacity 
  • Woolen textiles are scraps from larger pieces of Pendelton Fabric to help keep this company sustainable + protect the environment. 
  • Leather Strap - some have been hand dyed
  • Millspec Nylon shoulder webbing 
  • Hands free water - with full length adjustable strap. 

** Note:  each are one-of-a-kind. Back Pattern is slightly different from front as it comes from a different part of the bolt of woolen fabric. Similar colors and style on back. 

 Project.OR canteens are each hand made and assembled in Portland, Oregon with parts sourced from the U.S.A. and premium imported components.