Evam Eva

Silk Wool Turtleneck | Phantom Gray

$234.00 $390.00

This extra soft turtleneck is created with the outer cotton of the cocoon called "cocoon fluff" which would otherwise be removed from the silk. 

It is carefully spun by taking high-quality raw materials from sericulture farmers to minimize waste. Blended with wool, it has a simple design that emphasizes the texture of the material that retains the unique look of cocoon fluff.

  • 70% Wool 30% Silk
  • Model: 5'7"
  • Made in Japan 
  • Beautiful texture with nubby details. 
  • Dry Clean Only 
  • Made From up-cycled yarns for a sustainable use of wasted materials. 
  • Comes in size 1 or 2. Size one fits like a small and size 2 fits like a medium.

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